Sunday, July 24, 2005

Mamo #6: Island Exile

You will believe a man can order lunch...

With an astonishingly low $12 million opening weekend gross, Michael Bay's The Island (budgeted at $120 million plus) is now set to go down in history as one of the biggest box office turkeys of all time. He's the worst filmmaker working in Hollywood today, so this disaster should seem perfectly justified, even if the movie itself is... not that bad? How much effect does marketing, word of mouth, and out-and-out hatred of a director have on a film's box office chances?

Join the Matts at one of the Danforth's fine Greek eating establishments, as we try to post-mortem the long-awaited downfall of Michael Bay. Additionally, this week's installment is the first time our equipment completely failed in mid-course, forcing us to go back and re-record about ten minutes of the show. The first person to tell us exactly where the split occurs will receive a fabulous MaMo No Prize!


Blogger Tederick said...

My review of The Island, which delights me immensely, can be found here.

11:42 AM  
Anonymous Leo Stableford said...

Michael Bay's first movie was Bad Boys, not The Rock. Bad Boys 2 was also of his oeuvre.

As a teenager I objected to neither Bad Boys nor The Rock. I never saw Pearl Harbor but I did hate Armageddon. (I have never felt the need to revisit either of the movies I enjoyed as a teen). I have seen Bad Boys 2 and thought it was ridiculous but no more nor less ridiculous than many other action movies.

Therefore I approach this movie with a specific number of questions:

1) Is it kinetic... regardless of whether it was coherent.
2) Is it glossy? And does the gloss work?
3) Is the baddie suitably detestable, a crap villain ruins a movie worse than a crap hero.
4) Does said baddie die in a suitably OTT manner?
5) Is Scarlett hot throughout? I want eye candy.

Aside from this I was sensible enough not to expect any further criticism to be either valid or necessary. Unfortunately everyone who's having such a whale of a time piling into the monstrous pile of dross is too busy kicking Mikey in the nards to answer these questions.

In reference to your brief comments regarding The Punisher. I actually really enjoyed the movie. I contest that it has two things that make it a pleasant surprise rather than an all out disaster. One is that our Punisher actually has a plan beyond 'shoot everyone' which was good. Two was that it had this theme of operatics that was cunningly played with from the adjustments made to the story to blow it up from a personal crisis to an overblown tragedy. It used opera, a one fat, one thin comic relief, a tortuous plot and a number of characters who didn't know the meaning of scale it down to reinforce its references. Throw in some enjoyable quasi performances from Jane and Travolta and it was more than I hoped for certainly.

3:26 PM  
Anonymous Matthew Fabb said...

Another great show guys!

Also if you haven't heard reported that Michael Bay is going to be pulled off Transformers because of it's disappointing box office of the Island. Only the article was pulled after Transformers producer Don Murphy got angry about the article as they were quoting him from his message board. Not sure what the confussion was and why the article was pulled, but Don Murphy has not cleared up whether or not Michael Bay will still be directing Transformers. Hopefully they will pull him and put a decent director on the project.

As whether or not a good Transformers movie is possible, having grown up on Transformer comics as a kid, some of which still hold up today as decent stories, I would say it's possible. It's not going to be ground breaking or anything, but there are some good stories out there, especially by fan-favorite writer Simon Furman, who wrote some of the best Transformers comics.

Also John Rogers wrote the script for the movie and while the only thing I've seen from him was the tv pilot for Global Frequency (never aired on tv but leaked the 'net and now might have a chance to be picked up for one season or at least released on DVD) was really quite good plus from interivews I've read with him, he seems to know what he's talking about and really understands sci-fi, comics and other genre material.

9:58 AM  
Blogger tiger said...

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