Saturday, August 13, 2005

Mamo #9: Revolution

It's classic Mamo, as the Matt's return to their old stomping grounds on The Danforth. We face the hard facts, that nothing is being released this week of any consequence, and then turn our attention to the real, underlying problem; namely, that movie theatres and other movie patrons are making it harder and harder to go out and have a good time. Is it over for the theatrical experience? Download us and find out for yourselves.

Also, for the 3rd week in a row we will be broadcasting at on Friday, August 19, 2pm EDT. Tune us in live at 88.1 fm in the T-Dot, or if you have no idea what a T-dot is, go to and stream it, baby! Or we'll just post it ourselves the following week. Whatever is easier for you.


Anonymous mr. six said...

I'll pass on a personal experience...

Having anticipated what was BOUND to be an amazing sequel, I entered The Matrix Reloaded expecting a once-in-a-lifetime movie going experience. So when the final image left the screen, and the title card "To Be Concluded!!!!" appeared before me, I BURST INTO UNCONTROLLABLE LAUGHTER at the farce the Wachowskis had produced.

Did I feel bad about this?


Did I feel ANY guilt about taking the director's intended moment of dread/anticipation/ whatever and lessening it by a fit of the giggles?



Because it WAS uncontrollable. It was an sunconcious response that in no way, shape or form was a concious act. Like bursting into tears at a sad scene, screaming in a moment of fear, or cheering the hero when he defies the odds to put his or her foot up someone's ass, it was the film illiciting an emotional reaction from me without concious thought.

It was what the movies are all about.

Had I entered into a lengthy diatribe regarding the crap that this movie was instead of almost dying of laughter, I couldn't stand on the ground I find myself on now.

I don't care if people make sounds during a flick, as long as the sounds they make come from the heart.

(Sweet lord the Matrix Reloaded sucked)

12:55 PM  
Anonymous said...

Another good show, but once again disagree with some of what you said. Like how the movie experience has changed for teenagers and they are ruder now. As someone who's 28, I remember some teenagers being just as annoying when I was a teenager. Just because a small group is talking during a movie, doesn't mean the movie experience isn't something special for another group of teenagers. The only thing that I think has changed over the years, is adding cell phones to the mix has taken things up a notch.

Also as far as cellphones go, twice I've seen (not heard) people answer their cell phones, whisper into the reciever, then get up and go outside the theater to take the call. For any doctors or anyone who HAS to take a cell phone call in a movie theatre, THAT's the way to go.

As far as expensive VIP type theatres, didn't Famous Players try that out a while back with a theatre that had tables between seats and ushers who would take your order for food and drinks and then bring them to your seats? It was located somewhere in downtown Toronto. I never went to that theatre, but I remember reading about it several years ago. I think the price was $5 more than what movie ticket prices were at the time. I don't know if it's still around or if they closed it.

Last comment about movie crowds, in an upcoming special edition DVD of Sin City, Robert Rodriguez plans to include an audience audio track! Apparently he taped an audience in his home town Austin, Texas on openning night reacting to the movie. So now you can get the crowd cheering, laughing and everything else at all the rights spots from the comforts of your own home. When I first read about this I thought it was a funny feature to add, but after thinking about it, I can see it becoming a very popular feature, especially for genre films.

4:42 PM  

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