Monday, October 03, 2005

Mamo #15: It's like a movie in your home

What? Failed television series become feature films now? Heck, maybe this "TV" thing is really gonna catch on.

This week we break the mold a bit and have a look at the fall TV season, what we're watching and what we're avoiding. And in the housekeeping chores, a quick glance at how the summer's box office tallied against our initial predictions... and of course, a bit more blather about Serenity. It's a chock-full rub-a-dub-dub mega-Mamo, just for you!


Anonymous Matthew Fabb said...

I disagree that Serenity was set up like the 3rd movie instead of the first. I think what happened was Whedon wanted the movie to be a lot bigger and epic than the tv series. Otherwise it would have felt like just another Firefly episode with a bigger budget. There's still a lot of ground to cover after the first movie, like Book's myterious past and what Irana is running from. Plus after the events of the movie, apparently the Alliance has taken quite the blow and some think that any possible sequels would involve the Alliance further crumbling. Apparently, in the novelization of Serenity, there are riots in cities of the core planets and government officials disappearing. However, from Whedon if a sequel happens (DVD sales and the international market could give Universal a profit) Book's past is apparently going to be the main focus. According to Whedon had the Firefly continued the events of the movie would have apparently brought us up past season 2 and somewhere into season 3. He had apparently 5 seasons of story planed out, leaving plenty of story for two more movies.

As for some of the events that upset a small minority of fans, it's those same events that have majority of fans raving about the movie and it's partly those things that are getting the movie good reviews. There have been several movie critics who were unimpressed with Firefly but were blow away at Serenity. Plenty of good reviews that refer to how Whedon took risks and had a incredible final act. It wasn't what all the audience wanted to see happen with a happy ending but in the end it's what made it a better movie (something that Steven Spielburg could have learned with War of the Worlds). It gives the movie such a feel of danger that really pushes the audience to the edge of the seat as it seems like no one is going to get out alive towards the end. If Whedon had gone the safe way, then I think Serenity would be doing even worst than it currently is.

This review from probably does a better job in explaining what I have to say and is what I think one of the best Serenity reviews to date.

1:22 PM  
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