Monday, October 24, 2005

Mamo #18: Matthew and Matthew and the Temple of Doom and a baby.

The box office lays down for another week, but the one semi bright spot is Doom, the movie of the video game. We take the opportunity to hash out and examine why videogames and movies might play nicely together, but shouldn't get married and make babies. Get your marshmallows on your sticks and join us, won't you?


Anonymous Leo Stableford said...

Silent Hill.

If Christoph Gans (last feature: Brotherhood of the Wolf) cannot make a movie out of this franchise there is no hope.

The tension between play and narrative is the territory of the video game. Cinema is a pure narrative experience like ludo is a pure play experience.

Those videogames that use a lot of narrative tend to have less gameplay. Making movies of these titles is possible. (The Legacy of Kain series has such an epic history it is starting to rival LoTR for canon.) However they will really just be movies that share settings and possibly characters with videogames. The most popular vgs are ones with no plot whatsoever. Hence they are the biggest targets for the bean counters to convert into movies.


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