Sunday, March 05, 2006

mamo #35: Oscar the couch

It was a wonderful night for Oscar... or an exceptionally boring one, depending on who you ask. The boys from Mamo took to the couch and posted their thoughts live to the internet every half hour or so... until disaster struck and we were forced to pull the whole kit and kaboodle back down to earth for far longer than either of us ever would have wanted. But the good news is: Mamo 35, the Oscar show, is back! This time its an omnibus edition, collecting all 7 installments of our hair-brained Oscar night scheme. Enjoy!


Anonymous Matthew Fabb said...

So far I think John Stewart has done an incredible job and is by far the funniest host they have had in ages.

Also I'm surprised that Wallace & Gromit actually beat Howl's Moving Castle, despite the fact that you guys mentioned in a previous past that it might win. Howl's Moving Castle is such an incredible movie, that I figured it would be a shoe-in for that category. Maybe they gave it to the Wallce & Gromit guys since Hayao Miyazaki has already won an Oscar for Spirted Away.

9:29 PM  

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