Monday, April 24, 2006

Mamo #41: Cruel Summer

The big hot summer is about to hit us in the face, so it's time to sit down and figure out who's gonna be the prize turkey. Or something. In tonight's fun-filled Mamo, Matt and Matt almost come to blows about their divergent picks for the summer's top ten.

And just to keep us honest, here are the picks, to be vetted at the end of the season:

Matt's picks:

1. Mission Impossible 3 ($275M)
2. Cars ($270M)
3. Superman Returns ($240M)
4. X3 ($230M)
5. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest ($225M)
6. The Da Vinci Code ($185M)
7. Poseidon ($180M)
8. The Break-up ($165M)
9. Over the Hedge ($160M)
10. Monster House ($130M)

Matt's picks:

1. Superman Returns ($350M)
2. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest ($325M)
3. Cars ($275M)
4. Over The Hedge ($275M)
5. The Break Up ($220M)
6. Da Vinci Code ($210M)
7. Mi:3 ($200M)
8. Poseidon ($165M)
9. Click ($150M)
10. X-Men ($150)


Anonymous Nandes said...


Love the show.

I've been working my way through your back catalogue at work for the last 3 days and I'm just rounding episode 24.

Keep up the good work.

(Huge kudos on the Buritto Boys mention)

4:28 PM  
Blogger Uri said...

One more for the Cars "wierd out" crowd. Toy Story completely took me over as it came out at perfect time for me (animation and CGI freak) and I at least like if not love all Pixar movies. Monsters was the only one that had to grow on me after second and third viewing. I was always excited about next Pixar creation, but Cars left me out cold. The latest trailers warmed me up a little bit and I'm hoping it's gonna live up to Lasseter's name.

It was interesting and good to hear there are people on the other side of the pond who love Pixar and feel exactly the same. :D

Good dynamic show and I can't wait to see how your predictions pan out, because you two keep suprising me how can you nail down most of them. I think Kong was the only one you really missinterpreted. Well I was with you on that one, so... ;)

6:12 PM  
Blogger Tederick said...

Hey Nandes, glad you could join us! I think we need to seriously consider doing all of our TIFF shows from Burrito Boyz this year. And possibly get a Burrito Girl to be a guest-host. But then I have my own private reasons for wanting that.

9:28 AM  
Anonymous Nandes said...

Somehow I think making a play for member of the fairer sex either during or after consuming one of those delicious burritos would be counter-productive.

But the real question remains:

Steak or chicken?

8:44 AM  

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