Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Mamo #49: Poor Superman

Is Mamo the kiss of death for quality, big-budget Hollywood spectacle? A year after Batman Begins' slow crawl to $200 million, and six months after King Kong's nut-busting domestic under-performance, the (relatively) tame opening weekend for Superman Returns can't help but make a fella wonder if every movie he loves the pants off of is going to end up being less than what the public desires. Or maybe it is all just a gigantic coincidence, involving pirates, spiders, and Meryl Streep.


Blogger Nandes said...

No no no. The crossover S.N.A.P. flick will definitely "Snape's on a Plane" (meant to read like Snape IS on a plane), which will also serve to tie up the whole Harry Potter thing.

Let the record show that Nostranandes predicted this weeks ago on the Tederick blog.

On to a serious note, I was equally put off by the latest "Lady in the Water" trailer. God dammit.

12:22 PM  
Anonymous Matthew Fabb said...

A belated happy birthday to MAMO! I listen to an assortment of podcasts and you guys are one of the few ones that have managed for the most part to keep up weekly schedule. Plus on top of quantity, you guys keep up the quality as I always find the podcast to be quite interesting and entertaining, even if I don't always agree with everything you guys say.

As for Mamo supposedly being the kiss of death, as Matthew Price pointed out all those movies you guys have pointed out have been hugely successful. The only thing that many of those movies had going against some of these movies had huge gigantic budgets so that it was harder to make a profit. Even still those movies have proven to be quite successful and made money for their respective studios. They just haven't been huge record breaking successes as some people have expected.

Unfortunately, Superman Returns had a pretty big drop this weekend, but I don't think that has anything to do with the quality of the film. Just that Warner Brothers shouldn't have released it so close to the new Pirates movie which has become a bigger blockbuster than anyone expected.

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Leo Stableford said...

I'm quite glad I scraped through listening to this one late due to holidays and stuff because it meant the show was littered with little moments where you had to wince and go "ouch" as the super monster Pirates opening weekend was dismissed out of hand and so on and so forth.

I'm not much of one for theorising but I think the early Superman release was actually what bumped Pirates up. I think the relatively tame Superman audience - and particularly that segment of it who were wanting pure popcorn and were maybe a little disappointed - were crying out for their collective buckles to be swashed by the advent of Pirates.

I know that some reports have been saying people who couldn't get into Pirates actually turned round and went home instead of opting for the man of steel (again something the reverse of which was predicted in the show). I'm kind of amazed and as a UKer anxious to see what it was about Supes that hit such a bum note.

If we stick with the "Popcorn clamour" theory I think in the UK SR is actually going to *benefit* from coming post Pirates as I feel thoroughly popcorned out at this stage and am somewhat looking forward to the more meditative pace of Supes and this coming from a "low dramatic possibilities" audience member.

Essentially I think the misplay was that Supes should have ridden off the back of Pirates preposterousness rather than making people crave it's junk foody thrills. Well when I finally get to view Supes at the weekend we shall know the truth I suppose.

Mamo remains essential listening. Keep it up fellas. :)

1:18 PM  

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