Thursday, July 13, 2006

mamo #50: The Biggest

Our 50th show, and yet strangely reminiscent of all our other shows. Thanks to everyone for listening, and keeping us going. Here's to fifty more.


Anonymous Leo Stableford said...

Congrats! Remains one of the best and most insightful movie podcasts on the net!

8:20 AM  
Blogger Nandes said...

Thanks for the "every theater must play X" idea.

I'll pass it on to the Sony Entertainment people here at my ad agency.

I kid, I kid.

Congrats on the big five-oh gentlemen! Here's to 50 more.

9:26 AM  
Anonymous Leo Stableford said...

Okay so this is going to look really odd because I was going to lay off commenting until *I* had had the opportunity to see Superman but it doesn't open till tomorrow and this is too spooky to wait.

If you take a moment to look at my pirates review on rotten tomatoes you will see that I came up with the idea of comparing the movie with BTTF2 and Matrix: Reloaded completely independently. I wrote the review today and listened to the cast about 10 minutes ago.

I also came to the conclusion that a) this was more BTTF2 than Reloaded and b) you can't really have an opinion on how much you like PotC2 till you've seen the lot.

Anyway further nonsense to follow once I've seen Supes.

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Matthew Fabb said...

You guys asked how do people find Mamo? Well, I found it during week 2, because of the Serenity and Whedon themed episode. I had managed to get into the Toronto preview screening of Serenity and absolutely loved it. I was absorbing all things Serenity/Firefly and Whedon-related when I came across a post on some message board (forget where) about Mamo's Serenity podcast.

Had I not seen that early screening of Serenity, I would have been avoiding everything Serenity related like the plague in fear of spoilers (as there were some pretty big ones out there) and likely would have missed out on all this Mamo goodness! As I normally don't go out looking for podcasts to listen to but instead stumble across them while surfing the net.

4:39 PM  
Blogger Tederick said...

Wow, so we were all at the same preview for Serenity here in T.O. Spooky.

No Mamo this week, sadly, out of our continued lethargy. But look for us next week, when we ask: Clerks 2 vs. Monster House vs. M. Night Shyamalan? What?

10:57 PM  
Anonymous Leo Stableford said...

Okay, so, the numbers are in for Superman Returns opening weekend in the UK and my earlier theory seems to be completely off.

Pirates on its 2nd weekend dropped 56% to take £6,000,000 SR on its opening took £4,000,000 which represents about a third of what Pirates had taken the weekend before.

From a purely personal perspective I was more kindly inclined towards SR because I had had a big popcorny hit of Pirates the preceding weekend and my earlier apathy had dissolved. I thought it was a good movie... but not great. But then I'm not a huge Superfan to start with so to rouse any interest from me is a tough call.

I took a recent listen back to mamo1 and was amazed at how fresh it sounded you guys saw a lot o what was coming up a whole year in advance (although the show does still sound a little as if it's taking place underwater). Keep up the good work fellas. :)

3:02 AM  
Anonymous troubleshooter said...

Suffering withdrawl from the podcast... new ep please!

Also, looking forward to catching 'Fumi and the bad luck foot' on your reccomendation from an earlier podcast. Its screening as part of a shorts preview at our local film festival, you guys should come downunder sometime and catch it.

8:20 AM  
Blogger Uri said...

Happy anniversary! :D

Joining the flattery about the podcast here from Finland. I've been recently in Edinburgh on vacation where I've seen POTC2 one day and Superman the next. I enjoyed them both above average, but.
I loved sea fantasy movies as a kid (Sinbad titles come to mind) and that is why POTC1 very pleasantly surprised me. POTC2 brought back the fun and atmosphere, it was a bit too long and IMHO not so incoherent as I've heard.
Superman felt seamless sequel to first two movies, especially with the theme music which instantly brought back all kinds of memories. The strange thing was that I still feel that Batman Begins had more punch overall, even though I was never crazy about Batman. As a kid back in Slovenia where I grew up, there was limited supply of comics, so I was exposed to Superman first through movies and then I fell in love with Spider-Man when a friend borrowed me VHS of TV movie from 70s (even though I didn't understand any English back then I loved it). Later on my aunt (who lived in Toronto at the time) sealed the deal with couple of (Spidey, Superman, Batman and Iron Man) comics that she sent me.

4:42 AM  
Blogger Uri said...

Oh, forgot about MAMO discovery. I think I was browsing PodcastAlley for sampling movie related stuff and that was it.

8:14 AM  
Blogger tiger said...


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