Monday, July 24, 2006

Mamo #52: By George I Think They've Got It.

Well, it only took us upwards of a year, but we finally spent last week's show being nothing but right. Join us, as we bask in our own glow and look ahead to Miami Vice, won't you?


Anonymous Matthew Fabb said...

I'm with Matthew Brown that Miami Vice will make in the $20 million or under range. You two guys are the only people online or offline that I have heard from that actually want to see the Miami Vice. Most people seem to associate it with the cheesy tv show (the later seasons) and simply don't have any interest in a movie adaptation. Also there a number of ads for the movie, that don't even mention Colin Farrell or Jamie Foxx or Michael Mann, that just have the Miami Vice logo, which I think is as a stupid marketing move as you can get with the way that people associate the brand name. I imagine that a number of people won't even make the connection between the logo and the new movie but think it's an advertisement for the Miami Vice tv show being released on DVD.

As for Lady in the Water, I saw it this past weekend and I really enjoyed it. However, I have also enjoyed all of M. Night Shyamalan's movies. It seems to be a movie people will love or hate depending on whether people can suspend their belief and accept it's fairy tale logic. The best description that I have heard is that it's the Neverending Story for adults, which obviously isn't something that is for everyone. At the theatre that I was at a good number of people left the theatre midway through the movie, while others loudly applauded when the movie ended.

5:19 PM  
Anonymous Leo Stableford said...

I'm actually really looking forward to Miami Vice and early critical voices seem to be backing up my thought that this is going to be Collateral x a million without the ick factor. I am so there next Friday it's not even funny. I know quite a few other people are stoked about it too.

I think that one of the most ignored sectors of possible audience for this are old GTA: Vice City addicts (like myself) who even went as far as hiring the DVDs of the show Vice City was spoofing. The fact is that no other action movie in quite some time has had this high gloss hyperreality about it. I'm not a huge Mann fan but I loved the feel of Collateral and am looking for more of the same here.

I don't know whether any of that will help MV out at all but even if it has a slow start I expect that this is a movie that will build.

On which subject the new Kiddie Bond Stormbreaker came out this weekend and I took in a show last night. It's only done a measly £1.2m in Box Office but I think that's because the British are used to having anything that's not Wallace and Gromit or Potter come via an American/Canadian buzz first (something that killed Lucky Number Slevin). I saw the movie and to be honest it deserves a lot more business. It's like Bond, but fun. It's also not stupid like Spy Kids or that Agent Cody Banks. It's not a perfect movie by any stretch of the imagination but I enjoyed it far far more than any bond since Licence to Kill.

Have a good week off guys! :)

11:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just to let you know The Devil Wears Prada has offically passed 100 million dollars. Are you guys gonna have a meetup with fans in the future?

Ky in Boston

5:54 PM  
Anonymous troubleshooter said...

Miami Vice is certainly on my must see list right now, Mann can do no wrong.
Im awaiting reviews of Lady In The Water before I jump into that one.

Thanks for the mention in the last episode guys, I blushed.

9:09 AM  

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