Monday, September 11, 2006

mamo #56:Fest without guests

Day 4 of the Toronto International Film Festival and we're back for more coverage and discussion of what it all might mean. Plenty of films in the last 2 days, and the only mix-up being that we missed Chris Bales, who's blogging the fest himself and who was waiting to join us. due to our own incompetence, he is not a part of mamo, but we're hoping he will be in future. Enjoy!


Anonymous Nandes said...

I'd love to hear what you guys thought of "The Lives of Others".

That's the only film I've been able to make so far. Personally I thought it was fatastic.

4:58 PM  
Anonymous Cherilyn said...

I just finished listening to episode 56 and I have a comment on the
Canadian cinema debate.

I do not believe that the generalization on the state of Canadian cinema
can be extended to all in the Canadian cinema.

I would agree that English-speaking Canadian cinema is not thriving in
this country. Occasionally you get little gems here and there but
Canadian films are usually only deemed worthy for wide release if they
have the names of Egoyan or Cronenberg attached to them. Unless you
live in a city that has an arts house theatre is one able to see
Canadian films (English and French) more often.

However, this is not the case in French-speaking cinema in Canada, if
anything it is the exact opposite. While in Quebec the Hollywood
blockbusters are seen (usually dubbed), Quebec also has a thriving film
industry and has in the last few years, I think, produced the best
Canadian films. Unfortunately these films are not seen in many theatres
since they have two strikes against them - one they are Canadian and two
they are in French and would require subtitles.

I recently heard a good story about Quebec moviegoers (unfortunately I
have not had time to verify this story):

"Bon Cop Bad Cop"'s first weekend in theatres was around 17th overall in
the North American box office totals - what is truly amazing about this
total is that the film was only open in Quebec.

(NOTE: I saw this movie on the weekend - I would consider it more of a
rental than a big screen must-see.)

Another item I find somewhat disturbing is how our cinema is appreciated
more by people outside of Canada than in Canada - we have had an example
in recent years with "Les Invasions Barbares" winning the best foreign
film Oscar and receiving critical acclaim but I am sure most Canadians
have no idea what it is about.

I have run across this situation myself - in 2000 I was visiting a
friend in Germany and we decided to go to the movies to see The Patriot
(don't ask, don't see it - enough said) and what was playing next door
to the Patriot's theatre - Cube by Vincenzo Natali. I was surprised -
my friend told me that it was very popular at that moment in Germany. I
could only find one theatre in Ottawa that would run this film (a second
run theatre) but yet it was in an ordinary day-to-day (Cineplex-like)
cinema in Germany. Somehow this is wrong!

Sorry I started ranting. I pretty much wanted to make a point on the
differences between English and French Canadian theatre.

By the way, great first two reports on TIFF - the story about Michael
Moore and Borat was great.

7:00 PM  
Blogger Uri said...

Interesting note on local film scene. Slovenia suffers from exactly the same problem as Canada, but there's also problem of market, since Slovenia has only 2 mil. people so movies have to have international appeal in order to be commercally viable. That leads to bunch of movies who are made with extensive support of national film board and are mostly very artistic and unwatchable.

9:55 AM  
Blogger Uri said...

BTWm since you've seen so many movies or have been seeing them for years at Toronto film festival, I was wondering if you get press credentials or are you actually paying for the tickets? :)

9:59 AM  

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