Thursday, September 14, 2006

mamo #57:Fest that sells sex

After 7 days and more than 30 movies each, we stop off to talk about everyone's favorite subject. Sex sells, so they say, but who's buying?


Blogger Uri said...

I'm very interested in seeing Shortbus for all the reasons you two mentioned. On a sidenote I'd like to know if you've seen 9 Songs (2004) and what do you think of it, because it didn't speak to me. Maybe director of 9 songs tried to do something like director of Shortbus succeeded doing...

Great festival reports btw! :)

Almost forgot. I'm animation buff and I'd like to hear more about animation offering at the festival or in general about more independant animation as Canada is known by it. I also like mainstream animation and I think you've done a good job covering it so far.

11:32 AM  

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