Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mamo #64: Very nice, Borat

After the Borat Incident claimed our ability to see Sacha Baron Cohen's film in its entirety at the Toronto International Film Festival, the reputed comedy event of the century finally hits the big screens, and the big screens hit back with a phenomenal gross. Was YouTube responsible? Will Bruno pull a repeat? What the hell is going on anyway?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's a bunch of reasoning behind the traditional "television season" format.

1. When summer ends, life gets back to normal for people with kids and evening televison viewing opportunities increase.

2. The fall is the last chance for ad agencies to spend every last cent of their clients money for that year.

3. Having "fresh" programming on in the pre-christmas season means more bums in the seats to sell shit to.

4. The networks like to only have to do the big trip to hollywood to buy up new shows once a year.

5. This whole industry hates change.

6. Like you mentioned - "sweeps". In markets that are not metered, diary's need to be filled out and collected. This whole process is super expensive, which is why (in Canada) it only gets done about 10 weeks of the year.

7. HBO can do whatever they want because they rely on subscriptions and not advertisers.

And just to add to the LOST discussion, this season is being broken up so that the network can still have a fall launch, but also won't have to deal with the same bullshit shooting schedule problems that happened last year. People who do my job freak when we find out at the last minute that we're paying the same rate for a repeat episode that most people will turn off a few minutes after tuning in.

Keep up this awesome show gentlemen, it's a nice break from all my science and skeptic podcasts.


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