Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mamo #70: Unhappy Feet

Okay.... so Matt P. here, posting up our latest Mamo offering. YouTube, Cameron, Avatar, filmmaking democratization, and I can't possibly forget Happy Feet.


Blogger Uros said...

WTF? For a moment there I thought you'll agree to disagree and laugh it out, but then things turned the other way. It just seems that "geeky" Matt can't be trusted with animated movie because it will aggravate him no matter what. If it's technically cool, then there's something in the story... I find this quite strange, because I can relate to him most of the time (as I mentioned before) when it comes to movies and nostalgia about them.

I'm sure things will get back to normal after a short cooling off period. :)

About the fat girl from Ohio. Well I agree with what you were trying to say, but I think Coppola was talking about somebody who's more like Mozart - natural talent who didn't have a chance before all the tools necessary were available to everybody. My view of democratization of this film process is exactly the same as when typewriter/photocopier or sound recording tools became widely available making possible for anybody to write and publish book or record a song. There's a lot of crap out there.

P.S. my blogger account seemed to got eaten by google, so this is me "Uri" from previous posts. :)

9:34 AM  
Anonymous troubleshooter said...

What an episode.

To be honest, I found Happy Feet to be a distressing movie. So I can understand how such a heated discussion could arise. Ill try to steer clear of commenting on the blow up, because even though it has been posted in a public forum, I still feel a bit creepy discussing from this side of the fence what is a personal relationship between the two of you.

However, I have to say I disagree strongly (but enjoyed the perspective) on your shared opinion on the 'democratization' of media. With the two of you being living proof.
Assuming neither of you have any radio experience (and yes that’s a large assumption), the media of podcasting giving two guys with a love for film and production an outlet to just talk. It might be a 64kbps mp3 with minimal editing, but what just happened in this last episode is possibly the most 'real' thing I’ve experienced in my 2 years of podcatching. The two of you discussed issues I consider daily, and in the specific case of Happy Feet, the duality I saw in that movie had me dumbfounded, confused and almost a little upset. I was uplifted yet depressed at the same time. I felt the message was manipulative, and could well bring a negative view on concerns about the environment. Leaving a child sad and or confused at the conclusion I feel will leave a negative impression on environmental concerns, and having the film end with everyone dancing as if its all going to be okay is certainly not the way to go. It leaves the unprepared parent, who took their kid to a 'fun' animated film and was ambushed with an environmental message, with an easy out. Im all for raising environmental message, hell, I live in a country that at the moment is in drought, is facing what seems the hottest summer in an age and presently have bushfires raging through most parts of the country. But shoving guilt in viewers faces is not the way to go about raising awareness.

About the 'Fat girl in Ohio', she may not be able to make a film that nobody else could have made, but she surely could write a film that nobody else could. And that’s what I find interesting, given your thoughts on the lack of content in film today. Content, I feel, comes from people wanting to make film because they want to make film. Not because they want to make a living out of it. That crappy youtube video might not speak to you, but odds are, it speaks to someone. They might have what all of us would consider to be a poor grasp of a decent storyline, plot or not care if something is in HD quality or shot on a mobile phone. But that’s beside the point. Great art may not happen because one person wants it to happen, but it only takes one person to get the ball rolling. However, I couldn’t have said it better than your symphony analogy.

But perhaps that’s just me playing the devils advocate, because there certainly is a lot of shit on Youtube. There is no denying it, and the main concern I do have (which I think I share with you guys) is a risk of a reduction in the number of films being made that I will actually want to see. That would really be a tragedy.

Regardless, apologies for my stream of consciousness being spewed onto your comments page.
Truly hoping to hear from you again next week.

12:30 AM  
Anonymous JohnH said...

I call you on the blow up! Pretty believably done but the tone of the discussion was just not quite visceral enough for me to buy a real fight which leads to the obvious conclusion that an agreement existed to end the podcast that way. You guys should try your hands at acting! Keep up the good work.

5:58 AM  
Blogger Urban Faery said...

jump an move and jump and move and jump and move and stop.

That kind fight with Matt is my biggest fear.

1:36 PM  

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