Monday, October 08, 2007

Mamo #100: Black Tie Affair

Auspiciously, the Matt's have reached their milestone 100th episode of a little show called the Mamo! Break out some champagne and celebrate with us, as this day will be talked of in song and stories forevermore!


Blogger Vasta said...

What about Disneyland?

(And no ending the show anytime soon, okay? Because I already was traumatized when Matt B left moviesTO, and I can't handle another traumatic podcast experience.)

1:09 AM  
Anonymous Matthew Fabb said...

Congrats on #100 podcasts! And thank you for not throwing in the towel after 100 episodes as after 100 it still continues to be incredibly entertaining podcast. Mamo continues to be the only podcast that I listen to every episode, while other podcasts I check to see what topics is in the episode before deciding whether or not to check it out.

Also one more minor thing is that you guys have been pronouncing my last name wrong. You have been saying it like it's "Fabe", but it sounds like fab as in the Fab Four or Fab the laundry detergent. I've never brought it up before, because I figured that it's not likely that I will get mentioned again on the show. But you guys have mentioned my name a couple of times, so what the hell, I figure I might as well correct it now.

Congrats again on 100 great episodes! :)

10:03 PM  
Blogger tiger said...


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