Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mamo #112: Fight the Future

The Matt's weigh in with their big summer movie boffo b.o. predictorama, vying once again for the title of prognostication professional. As always, the eventual winner will be named Matt. But don't let that stop you, throw your own predictions into the comments below!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alright, I'll give this one a shot. But first I'd like to point out that there seems to be a slight error in Matt's picks as TCoN:PC at 225 comes after Hancock at 240 if Mamo uses standard numbering convention.

Ok, after reading some various internet-hosted tea leaves, I'm going with:

1. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (340M)
2. Iron Man (250 M)
3. The Dark Knight (245 M)
4. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (220 M)
5. WALL-E (210 M)
6. Hancock (160 M)
7. Kung Fu Panda (155 M)
8. Wanted (140 M)
9. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (135 M)
10. Get Smart (120 M)



8:58 AM  
Blogger Mattvideo said...

OOPS! as pointed out above, my list had an incorrect placement. Revised and corrected below.

1) The Dark Knight 325
2) Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 4 310
3) Wall-E 275
4) Hancock 240
5) The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian 225
6) Iron Man 220
7) Speed Racer 185
8) The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor 180
9) Kung Fu Panda 160
10) Pineapple Express 140

8:02 AM  
Blogger Tederick said...

Sorry to arrive late, here are mine for posterity's sake.

1. Indiana Jones - $320
2. Prince Caspian – $250 for the Harry Potter slot
3. Wall-E – $240
4. The Dark Knight - $225
5. Iron Man – $191
6. Hancock – Never pays to bet against will smith, even when the flick sucks. $180.
7. Speed Racer – $139
8. Step Brothers – $130
9. Get Smart - $130
10. Sex and the City – $120

4:01 PM  
Anonymous Leo Stableford said...

Hi Guys,

Just some thoughts on this one. Always the highlights of my film commentary year are the predictions followed by the autopsy (er... sorry... review...) but I did have some brief thoughts on your picks:

Iron Man - I am always given the job of picking the birthday and christmas presents for my nephew by my partner because I have the best eye for a flashy diversion likely to ensnare an under ten of the male persuasion. Iron Man has got toys. Three models of Iron Man suit. Cool mask. All sorts of good stuff. It never occurred to me until I saw this promotional material and merchandising but Iron Man is a great idea for a movie. A man in a red and yellow suit of hyper electronic armour making laconic one liners as he robots around the place? Hell... if Bond cars used to be visual boy cocaine this is visual boy crack and no mistake.

Speed Racer - bearing all this in mind all boys will own this film on DVD but the merchandising is less spectacular. Toy cars, even remote ones, sparkle less brightly than robot men...

Indy - Huge. Just. Huge.

Dark Knight - There isn't anyone on the planet who for some reason or other doesn't have a huge woody for this movie. My partner before seing Begins told me she thought Batman was "silly" (big Spidey fan and I mean comics not movies, she hated S3 with a fiery passion). One dose of Begins and blammo huge Batman fan. Add to this how everyone I know wants to pay respects to Mr Ledger and this seems like an important way to do it and... well... I think that's enough dynamite there.

Hulk - I'm actually kinda looking forward to this. I hope it's good but it could go either way. Doesn't matter if it is the best movie ever made ever. People still won't care. Mediocre box office at best.

Shyamalmadingdong's effort, whatever it is - After Signs I tuned out. Still never saw The Village, heard it's basically scooby doo. However, went to LitW out of morbid curiosity and ended up in a very interesting discussion with my partner about how the film had a raw and apparent emotional depth for her as an emotional being that she respected and found beautiful. In the end I was forced to concur so I am looking forward to this. I fully realise that me and my partner (and Matt by the sound of thigs) are the only ones.

Anyway. Fascinating as always.

Keep thinkin' and I'll keep listenin'


6:39 AM  
Blogger Vasta said...

I'm going with Batman and Matty Price on this one. More on Eloquation later this week.

11:47 AM  
Blogger Uros said...

Did you happen to mention Finland because I happen to live there? :))
It's hard for me to say with conviction, since I didn't grow up there, but in general Finland seems to be similar to other EU countries when it comes to movies. If it's flashy and marketing is done well, people will go to see it. Northern Europe does seem to prefer fantasy stuff (LOTR, Harry Potter), though.

Indy will rule them all. Followed by Dark Knight and Wall-E.

Personally I'm looking forward to Indy, DK, Wall-E, Kung Fu Panda and Iron Man. I'll see Narnia 2, just because there's a scene with wooden river bridge in the mountains which was filmed in the Alps of my homecountry Slovenia. And of course Wanted because of Angie factor. ;)

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Leo Stableford said...

Went to see Iron Man.

I stand by my earlier remarks in spades. I am going to see that movie at least three times.

It's amazing.

4:15 AM  
Anonymous Matthew Fabb said...

With Iron Man about to open up it's now or never. So here's my list (but with no dollar amounts):

1. Indiana Jones
2. The Dark Knight
3. Wall-E
4. Chronicles of Narnia
5. Iron Man
6. The Mummy 3
7. Hancock
8. Speed Racer
9. Pineapple Express
10. Sex and the City

I will also add that I think Hellboy 2 will be quite the surprise doing around $100 million. As it did incredibly well on DVD picking up a lot more business there than it did in the theatre. Plus Guillermo Del Toro has gained a lot more attention recently with Pan's Labyrinth and getting the gig for the 2 Hobbit movies. I was going to put it on the bottom of my list but figure that Sex and the City will make over $100 million beating Hellboy 2.

The hardest to figure out is Hulk. People really didn't like the last movie but at the same time people really like the "HULK SMASH". Plus the most recent trailer looks quite decent. In the end I left it off my list, but feel it's a movie that could end up surprising a lot of people in box office, depending on how the marketing is played up and how good the movie actually is.

10:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speed Racer & Hulk will bomb . Dark Knight will do crazy business due to Ledger's death. If Iron Man can do 35 on opening day TDK will easliy due 50+, plus its on Imax. You don't realize all the free publicity the film will get. Plus the whole James Dean/ Giant comparison will be played up in the press. People will feel obligated to see the film. Saw the new trailer at Ironman and it rules.

Ky in Boston

5:16 PM  
Blogger Tederick said...

The new trailer is even better than the old trailer (I TOLD YOU, MATTHEW PRICE!), which was better than the teaser. Dark Knight is the flick to beat awesomeness-wise, but I still think its status in the 300 million dollar club is far from assured.

10:46 AM  

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