Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mamo #115: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Unwieldy Title That Robs the Movie of a Certain Elegance Required for this Kind of Thing to Work

It's hard not to just degenerate into a mass of fanboy complaining when one of our real heroes is at stake, but hey man, we don't even try. SPOILERS!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sex and The City is gonna be huge maybe 60mil for the weekend:)

Sex and the City” Scores Big with 92% of Ticket Sales on Fandango

Hundreds of Showtimes Are Already Sold Out

(Los Angeles – May 29, 2008) – With the long-awaited “Sex and the City” movie debuting tonight at midnight, hundreds of showtimes are already sold out in advance on Fandango (, the nation’s leading moviegoer destination. As of this morning, the movie represents 92% of Fandango’s daily ticket sales, the highest daily percentage for any film so far this summer.

In an online survey on the site’s “Sex and the City” showtimes and tickets page, more than 10,000 moviegoers told Fandango about their weekend plans:

* 67% of respondents plan to attend the movie this weekend with a group of female friends.
* 80% plan to attend a “Sex and the City” get-together before or after the movie.
* 68% plan to drink Cosmopolitans at their get-togethers.
* 51% plan to dress up for the occasion.
* 94% of the respondents are female.
* 45% of the respondents are 25-34.

Ky in Boston

6:47 PM  
Anonymous Leo Stableford said...

About the whole Indy spoiler angle.

Did everyone not know going in? I mean I will be as vague as the next man in an attempt to preserve mystery but I knew from the title what the end was going to be. Hell, I knew from where they were at the beginning.

Maybe I'm just psychic, after all I have a shiny black bob and vocal twitches from some remote part of Siberia...

3:48 AM  

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