Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Mamo #124: A startling wrongness

Pantsed. Smoked. Taken to task and found wanting. That's me anyway (Matt Brown), with my 2008 summer box office picks. How did the other Matt do, and how did you do? We recap this crazy summer of Batmania in today's installment...


Blogger Missy said...

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Anonymous Leo Stableford said...

Hi Guys,

Awesome Summer review show as always. In the UK they're actually trying to inject some enthusiasm into the autumn cinema-going crowd with a huge advertising campaign which boils down to "cinema isn't just for summer there's things to watch in autumn too".

I myself have found myself with an embarrassment of riches but then I love B-Movies so to have the chance to see Death Race, Taken, The Mutant Chronicals et al is a good shout for me at least.

On the subject of you not having much to talk about I've always felt there are much neglected areas of the movie business that I sometimes wish you would talk about. I remember a couple of years ago you tried to talk about the fall schedule on tv but I guess there wasn't really much to say. TV is like that until they cancel a show you really love.

But I think there's some room for looking at releases now through the lens of history. Discussing the fortunes of various cinematic figures in the light of new highs or lows. This sort of thing you have done by accident before and it's always been insightful I don't see why doing it deliberately would be any different. We've just got "The Mutant Chronicles" over here thanks to its ties to the Isle of Man and provides an excellent opportunity to discuss the variable fortunes and criminal underuse of Ron Perlman, ask why it is Tom Jane doesn't just pick up his ball and go home and while we're at it... The Isle of Man? They've been churning out some crazy stuff of late from low budget zombie comedies to mini-Bond rip off Stormbreaker and now an SF B-Movie. Who knew this place was a haven for such activity?

What I always love about your show is how it places cinema in context with the business that produces it. I think that idea has legs beyond the tentpoles is all.

Catch you later.

7:47 AM  

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