Monday, February 23, 2009

Mamo #132: It was a wonderful night for Oscar! Oscar Oscar! Who has won?

Join us for the combined efforts of our Oscar tomfoolery! Big thanks to everyone who joined us for our semi-live-blogging during the show; here are all six segments wedded into one mega-segment. This is far more exciting than the show itself. (Does anyone want to punch Robert Pattinson in the face?)


Blogger Kurt Halfyard said...

Apropos of a strange connection. One of my colleagues pointed you guys out to me as one of his favourite Podcasts, and it came to light that I was sitting beside one of you at TIFF 2005 during the Pusher Trilogy Screening.

(Greetings from Kurt "The Cunt") -

Small world fellahs.

6:51 PM  
Anonymous Mike Rot said...

Hi I just want to confirm that my email was received that I sent to Matthew Price regarding Row Three. I used the one connected to this blogspot account but I wasn't sure how uptodate it was.

you can email me directly at

12:48 PM  

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