Friday, March 05, 2010

Mamo #161: Mamo in Underland

It's 2 days to the Oscars, and our intrepid Mamo hosts consider the decaying nation of 3-D, the sideways evolution of TRON, and zombie career of Tim Burton: been dead for a while, still going. Plus, we prep for our annual semi-live Oscar podcast, coming at you this Sunday, March 7, via Twitter (@tederick and @mattmovies).


Blogger Matthew Fabb said...

Since you asked, does anyone listen to the live podcast, I'll mention that I've listen to it most years. I generally only half listen to the Oscars, often playing in the background as I do something else and giving the show attention the few times something interesting is going on. Because for the most part, I find the Oscars extremely boring.

I finally saw Avatar in IMAX the other night, before it was taken off of IMAX and having originally seen the movie in 2D, then in a 3D non-IMAX screen. The IMAX 3D was definitely better than regular 3D screening, but I definitely enjoyed the movie better in 2D (ignoring how great the movie looks on a larger screen in IMAX). Especially a movie like Avatar that had incredible alien landscapes, I felt I could take it all in better in 2D where you can observe the cool tiny details in every corner of the frame. Compared to 3D where it's directing your focus.

I still think the best movie I've ever seen in 3D was Nightmare Before Christmas, followed by Coraline. I think there's something about stop-motion that translates really well into 3D that doesn't work the same in CGI or live action.

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