Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mamo #165: Whedo what we wanna do

This'll teach us to read the papers. A Star Wars sitcom? Casting for Cap, a suit for GL, and more directors than we can shake our tiny fists at in rage! The boys are back to amuse themselves to death over the latest happenings in the world of fandom. Also a reminder to enter our bourgeoning box office bonanza by clicking here and letting us know how you think this summer comes out. We've officially added a bonus prize to the proceedings, but you'll have to listen until the end of this week's podcast to find out what it is.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

have guys Curtis Lemmon here, the name came after i was looking (again) at wikipedia for Jack Ulher Lemmon, for i while my nickname on myspace was Curtis U. Lemmon but nobody got the harder, real joke, so i dropped that, i've got about 10 other pseudonymous, real name is Darcy S McCallum of, i may start my own podcast soon, my mails have popped up on Film Junk & Filmspotting before even voicemails, if you'd like to here an Aussie talk about Bruce Macdonald or Nicolas Winding Refn give me a line, i put up that list as a mini-predictor, aren't u guys practicing ya BO numbering?

2:34 AM  
Anonymous Leonard Boulevard said...

if Iron Man is better than the original how much will it make more than an inferior sequel, us aussies are seeing 9 days before you north americans, i didn't particular like the first one, i'm gonna take $20m off it if its like Spidy3 with two too many villains, similar to Eclipse, it is David Slade thats why its might have feet but i heard the story and come on, not even Sofia Coppola's Breaking Dawn Part I, did u guys even mention whether you've seen the first two, gotta find ya subsequent pods.

4:18 AM  

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