Saturday, May 08, 2010

Mamo #166: The Iron Men

From a diner in Toronto at 3 in the morning, Matt and Matt join you to talk about Iron Man 2. Is that our breakfast order arriving in the middle of the show? Sure is! Sit in and enjoy a spur-of-the-Mamo discussion of Stark, Marvel, and where it's all going from here.


Anonymous Darcy S. McCallum said...

i prefer Iron Man 2 to the first inception of the Iron Man series, mainly cause of the multiple narratives, superior action staging, though the two villains, the last two winners of BAFTA Best Actor, were given nothing, its playful in the way Iron Man was trying to be whilst trying to make a Iraq war parallel.

Rockwell, Downey, Cheadle all good, sometimes thats all you need for an entertaining 2 hours, the batter could blend nicely with that Joss Wheadon is likely to spout in his new Avengers rewrite.

5:01 AM  

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