Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mamo #174: A Fat Lot Of Nothing

The underwhelming summer of 2010 trickles to a close with a triple-header weekend of medicrity: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Vs. The Expendables Vs. The Women (Who Eat Pray Love). Is it time for TIFF 2010 yet?


Anonymous Darcy S McCallu said...

you guys have got to see Rubber at Toronto After Dark, here r my 25 awards from MIFF (ended up seeing 90 films in 17 days, saw another 42 films on the programe prior, like Tetro, my fav, for instance)

(Best Film - Tetro, Worst Film -
Let Each One Go Where He May) from filmspotting forum post -

Best Director - Francis Ford Coppola
Best Screenplay - Francis Ford Coppola
Best Actor - Alden Ehrenreich in Tetro
Best Actress - Charlotte Gainsbourg
Best Cinematography - Mihai Malaimare Jr for Tetro
Best Supporting Actor - Mark Ruffalo
Best Supporting Actress - Annette Benning
Best New/Young Talent (u30) - Ciro Guerra director of Wind Journeys
Best New/Young Actor (u20) - Yasser Talib in Son of Babylon
Best Score - Bibliotheque Pascal
Best Documentary - Garbo: The Spy
Best Comedy - A Somewhat Gentle Man
Best Horror - Dream Home
Best Animation - In the Attic
Best Genre-Bender - Rubber
The 'Nolan' for Outstanding Opening - Honey
The 'Kubrick' for Oustanding Scene - The Wind Journeys
The 'Anderson' for Outstanding Ending - The Housemaid
The 'Jodorowsky' for Cinema Surrealism - Between Two Worlds
The 'Vertov' for Cinema Experimentation - Enter the Void
Worst Director - George A. Romero
Worst Screenplay - Michael Rowe & Lucia Carreras for Leap Year
Worst Actor - Ewan McGregor
Worst Actress - Amanda Seyfried
Worst Cinematography - Mohammad Davudi for The Hunter

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