Friday, August 27, 2010

Mamo #175: Previewing TIFF 2010

The Toronto International Film Festival 2010 is just around the corner! Join Matt Brown and Matt Price, hosts of Mamo!, as we take a tour through Toronto's date with the movies. What's good? What's bad? What's up with the Lightbox? We'll be your guides to TIFF 2010...


Anonymous Darcy S McCallum said...

Darcy here, i'll rank the films i've seen on the TIFF program for you guys, I went to Cannes where i saw 37 films in 12 days and i saw 90 films in 17 days at MIFF (Melbourne) plus some in between -


Another Year 9/10
Of Gods & Men
The Illuionist
Blue Valentine
The Housemaid
Machete Maidens Unleashed
Tender Son
Tamara Drewe
You Will Meet A Talk Dark Stranger
Casino Jack 7/10
Uncle Boonmee
Route Irish
Nostalgia for the Light
Mother of Rock
The Strange Case of Angelica
LA Zombie 5/10
The Hunter
My Joy
Leap Year
Film Socialisme 1/10

did not see Blame, would love to see Coul Fish, Amigo, Brighton Rock (is Joffe back), amazed Danis Tanovic has another film (still need to see Triage), don't hold out for The Debt (Killshot was piss) Skolimowski is a has-been, good skip, EVEN THE RAIN Bernal i'd be their, best actor in the world, you also get the new Kim Ji-woon & Jia Zhangke, hey Mysteries of Lisbon, Norweigan Wood would totally be in my top 3 for Greenwood and cause of Tran's last film (I'll Sleep When I'm Alone, Josh Hartnett's best film)Made in Dagenham for Sally Hawkins could be worth it, Hong Sang-soo is great he's got a film, would be there for new Turtorro, was in a for Promises Written on Water when it was cancelled for Essential Killing, missed The Screaming Man, also would love to see Sleeping Beauty, see Submarine (could be similar to Bunny & The Bull Matt) would reccomend the top 15 i listed, down to Buitiful.

a few films you guys deserve soon:

Bibliotheque Pascal
Between Two Worlds
The Tree
On Tour
Chongqing Blues

surprised you did'nt get Certified Copy, not missing much with The Silent House, Carlos ain't for a fest, find Dream Home which played Fantasia.

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