Friday, September 17, 2010

Mamo #179: For the Love of Cold Korean Vengeance

I Saw The Devil, Detective Dee, You Are Here, Buried, and much much more as the Matts stop for yet another much-needed lunch on the TIFF 2010 trail!


Anonymous Darcy S McCallum said...

you guys listen to Mark Kermode right, he really, really liked Buried, it opens this Thursday here in Aus. I'm guessing you guys will do a Social Network show, its box office number is way more unpredicatble than Inception, this week it could make anywhere between $15-40m i think, i'll say like $28m.

Could you guys do a top ten of TIFF, or is that really just you're top ten (end of the year) maybe not this year thought it seems. Don't forget, Peter Weir (aussie rep) has a new film this year, The Way Back. Is Enter the Void playing Toronto, you see it again, cause 'yours are wrongs' about it.

Either of you seen early Friedkin,. (Night at Minsky's, Boys in Band) HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

7:33 AM  

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