Friday, October 01, 2010

Mamo #181: We Bet it All on the Wrong A-Team

Even though TIFF is over, that's no reason for us to return to our humdrum workaday lives. For one thing, after taking off for 10 days to sit and watch movies, some of us are unemployed. For another, the annual summer box office championship has finally come to a close and we can truly call a winner. Shockingly, it's neither of us. Even more shockingly, it's the same person who won last year. The prize (A limited edition copy of Let The Right One In) is on its way to the winner now. Take a listen for all the details as well as our pithy excuses for why we were so dead wrong.

***SPOILER WARNING*** We give away the ending of Buried. Because we thought it sucked, and don't really care that much. Just sayin'


Blogger Ray Loi said...

Any chance we could get a spreadsheet of our scores?

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