Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mamo #191: Press & Industry

February being the dead month, the boys get together to see if a show can be created out of thin air and bullshit. Turns out that was no problem at all. Even though there aren't any movies (what, we're gonna spend 20 minutes on The Roommate?!?) we still find lots of grist between MGM's resurrection and teh superbowl ads. Whatever else this show was, it wasn't what we thought it was gonna be.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I`m so happy Fincher beat nobody director Hooper at the BAFTAS. Hopefully the Oscars will reward him too. I know you guys were down on it but I`m looking forward to Limitless. The novel it`s based on ( The Dark Fields) was fantastic. Ky in Boston

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